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We at PixelForest, bridge the gap between your ideas and the real world while providing you with what you need to get your concept online.

Why hire Us?

Among the many positive traits of a grasshopper, leaping forward is one we resonate with. We will take your business to greener and brighter pastures with a new brand, website and lead generation.

Our Services

Website Design

Creating a website for your business should be more than just a problem to be solved or a check off a list… Begin your web journey with us by allowing us to design, create and manage your website for you. Escape the ordinary – start your blog, business or any other website with Pixel Forest.

Websites on-the-go

Just like a to-go coffee, our Websites On-The-Go work in a similar manner. With a choice of over 100 templates, our web experts can build you a starter website in only 24 hours! Get a fully functioning and professional website that is suitable for your budget in the blink of an eye.

Graphic Design

Pixels are small digital elements, but when paired with a Graphic Designer of our calibre, they become marvellous pieces of work. Our Graphic Designers not only design a brand, but they also bring it to life. Take an imaginative journey with our team and see how your brand’s story unfolds.

WordPress Hosting


Website hosting is a must-have but it shouldn’t be a daunting cost. At PixelForest, we provide our clients with all-in-one Web Hosting packages that are suitable to their needs and that do not break the bank. If you are not certain which package suits you best, contact our team to find out more.

WP Support Sessions

Our team of web specialists are always available to assist. Whether you are unsure of what steps to take or if you are interested in building pieces onto your website by yourself, our team are only a booking away. Make a virtual or in-person appointment to have our team offer you the guidance you need.

WP Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make LEMONADE. Want to learn how to build and manage your own website? Then, allow us to give you the skills needed to do so. WP Lemonade is an in-house course where our team assists you in building and maintaining your very own website.


What Our Clients Say.

Thanks to Michelle we have a very cool, modern and updated website... Michelle is patient and helpful when it comes to the design of the website and managed to give us the look and feel we were looking for. Thank you Michelle

Shawn Briddon


Pixel Forest reflects creativity, dedication and profesionalism. They guided me in creating my company's brand, setting me up for success . They also offer various courses as guidance to continouisly grow businesses!

Liezl de Bruyn

Keik Bakery Pastry Chef, Owner

My site came out very professional. Made Very simple to operate even for a none tech savvy person like me.


Fitness Instructor

Their ability to understand concepts and the vision we had in mind and converting it to a beautiful website blew me away. They are professional, friendly and I would reccomend them to anyone.

Nicola van Zyl